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WrenchX Multi Clip Remover

WrenchX Multi Clip Remover

Are you a passionate car enthusiast tired of the frustrating challenges posed by the removal of car clips and fuel/air lines?

Make mechanical work easier and keep your clips and mechanical lines in tact. 

This multi-tool is your solution for a wide range of applications, from effortlessly removing air-lines, gas-lines, and electrical clips to swiftly dismantling door panels and more. Experience a dramatic reduction in work time, making your projects more efficient and less strenuous. Choose WrenchX to elevate your workmanship and streamline your operations with ease.


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These car door panel and interior clip removal pliers are designed for the quick removal of clips, door panels, interior brackets etc. without any damage. They are easy to use, effortless and make it possible to carry out some work in tight areas. Fitted with a drop-forged steel construction and heat-treated shafts, so it's high quality and long-lasting.

Material: Steel
Length: 235mm, Nose: 32mm

Package includes. 1 x trimmer clip removal pliers


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Seamlessly Detach Electrical Plugs

Gently and swiftly detach electrical plugs with WrenchX's versatile clip remover, ensuring plug integrity and completing the task in a matter of seconds."

Efficiently Disassemble Air and Gas Lines

Safely and swiftly extract air and fuel lines without any harm to the components, thanks to WrenchX's precision-engineered multi-clip remover.

Effortlessly Remove Automotive Clips

Effortlessly extract a wide range of car clips with precision, ensuring clip integrity, and completing the process in mere seconds